Corporate Safety Policy

Corporate Safety Policy

"Safery First" is "Safety Always"

Our Senior Management and Supervisors are responsible to ensure that machineries and equipments are safety and that workers operate in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures. Our policy is to eliminate dangers to the environment and to the health and safety of our employees.

Be relevant and appropriate to the nature, scale and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)  and risk associated with that workplaces’ needs.

The policy statement should provide a clear indication of the company's objectives and plans for occupational health and safety.

Senior management's commitment to the establishment of a healthy and safe workplace. The commitment to comply with applicable OHS legal requirements and other requirements – or better, the intention to treat applicable health and safety legislation as a minimum standard rather than maximum. 

Responsibility of appropriate personnel in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace and to protect the well-being of all persons in the workplace.

Accountability of all levels of management for carrying out health and safety responsibilities, importance of consultation and co-operation between management and employees for effective implementation of policy and any related programs, commitment to monitor the policy’s effectiveness by having a method for setting and reviewing OHS objectives and targets.

Meeting with Government Compliance

Government inspections on fire prevention, health hazards, environmental protection and other aspects.



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